Social Media in Education = Fun

Learn how to Tweet Blog with Sue Waters

Just found this great site as I now navigate my way over to Twitter world.  Enjoy

Sue Waters Blog

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Learning with Humour

I love learning when humour is involved, so thought you would enjoy this Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the Learning Revolution. Great information on what he calls a human resources crisis as opposed to a global warming crisis.  We must be more authentic and tune into our natural born strengths and talents. I couldn’t agree more as I have moved in that direction by taking the PIDP program.

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Hello and welcome

Well, here I am. Starting my very own blog. Just getting the hang of facebook and now jumping into the wonderful world of blogging.

Stay tuned for much more information to follow. This blog is part of my homework for the PIDP program and I will be attempting to have fun with social media when used for educational purposes.

Let the fun begin.